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Mekhi Miringaorangi


I joined in early 2021, about a year ago. I’d already picked up some training in traffic control and I’m now working as an STMS.

I was stoked when I joined, the company worked with me to develop a plan to upskill me, getting my Class 2 wheels tracks and rollers licences and they’re helping me get my truck licence. The company is also going to help me pick up my Civil Infrastructure Apprenticeship, which I started with a previous business and I’m really excited about that. I get a lot of support in my role, I can ask questions about my job and there’s always someone to help.

There is a strong connection into the community, I grew up here and that’s important to me. It’s awesome, it’s like a family with a real whānau vibe. People really care and look out for each other.

Jake Gazzard

Drainage Supervisor

I’ve been in the industry for six years, starting when I was 16 and mainly working for big corporates. I’ve done a lot of different stuff on site, working with hot mix, sealing, operating plant and now I’m specialising in drainage.

I joined in November 2021 and since then the company has helped me get more qualifications. I’m finishing my Level 4 qualifications and working to being a trade certified drainlayer. The company has supported me, training me and paying me at the same time.

One of the main differences that I’ve noticed at Tūpore compared to other places that I’ve worked is that here you’re not just a number. Everyone here is treated well and with respect. I think that makes people happier. It feels good to be part of this whānau.

Rob Andersen

Pavement Foreman

“I have spent 23 years of my life working for this company. I feel valued and I can’t imagine working anywhere else, to be honest.

We are a team and we have built our culture off of respect, trust and building quality projects. I’m proud to say I work here and I am even more proud of the way the company has grown and developed over that last five years.

We compete with ‘large corporate’ companies due to having some of the best operators in the North Island and years of experience”

Olly Burder


I grew up here in the Bay, went to Napier Boys and came back after a stint at Uni in Christchurch. When I came back I picked up an apprenticeship as a drainlayer in the Three Waters crew and now this is me.

I really enjoy the range of work that I get to do. The company has helped me pick up my wheels tracks and rollers and I’m operating plant on site, making things happen.

The work we do feels meaningful, I really enjoy seeing how it all comes together. Working with water infrastructure, improving the existing systems or building a new one, is helping secure the future for our community and to me that feels pretty good.


Years of experience delivering hundereds of quality projects on time and budget.

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