Community is a word that means so much to us – we’re passionately and generously committed to driving positive social benefit for our workers, their whānau and communities.

Making lives and communities better is what drives us.

We see communities as both our people within the businesses as well as our wider community. For our owners Robbie & Michelle and Gavin & Katie this is their biggest driver to continue to invest in the company. They see Tūpore as a vehicle to create positive outcomes in the lives of people who work for Tūpore and the wider community in which we live and work.

Me mahi tahi tātou mo te oranga o te katoa.

We must work together for the wellbeing of all.

Below are some of the current ways we nurture our communities.

Building long-term careers

At Tūpore, we are not looking for those who simply ’want a job’. Instead, we are looking for people who want to build a career. Our industry constantly develops opportunities for people at all skill levels. With eight divisions within our company, there are many opportunities for progression and development.

This industry also offers very competitive pay-rates for qualified and experienced people. To encourage new and current employees to develop themselves and progress within the company, we have created a career matrix Roadmap. This Roadmap is a clear and simple way for our staff to understand how to progress and build a career through different ‘levels’ within the company.

The Wellness Programme

We launched a Wellness Programme at the end of 2019 and is a dream that Michelle and Robbie have nurtured for years. As part of this programme, we aim to build a Wellness Centre for all staff and their whānau.

The centre will include:

  • State of the art gym facilities with a dedicated personal trainer
  • Access to a nutritionist
  • Access to counselling and family services
  • Access to financial and money management advice.

For the Road Ahead

Our commitment to the future

We will take responsibility for our actions as a business and how these contribute to all aspects of the future for our stakeholders. We will constantly value our people, protect the environment and build a sustainable and secure pathway ‘For The Road Ahead’.

Our Journey

What We Do


Tūpore Infrastructure's services includes installation of utilities, earthworks, concrete works, roading and surfacing construction, pavement stabilisation and minor structures.

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We operate a quarrying division with four consented quarries across the greater Hawke’s Bay, with a proven track record of sourcing and producing high quality roading materials.

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We operate a modern and purpose built asphalt manufacturing facility, which uses our own quarry materials. This secure chain enables us to provide assurance of supply to our customers.

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Industrial / Commercial

Tūpore is your ideal construction partner to help you build your development project, from earthworks and excavation to drainage, concrete work, roading and more.

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