St Georges – Curve Realignment

Location: Hastings
Client: Hastings District Council
Completed: August 2023

About the Project

The project was to build the existing road to a new alignment in order to improve the current horizontal alignment. This required reshaping of the existing intersection with associated stormwater, new pavement, landscaping, lighting and traffic services.

The scope of work was as follows:

  • Realignment of the road surface.
  • The earthworks to create the base of the new alignment.
  • The importing of roading materials and compaction to pavement design.
  • Installation of road ancillary infrastructure, such as guardrails, street furniture and linemarking.
  • Installation of storm water infrastructure, and
  • Restoration of landscaping.

This was to improve the overall safety on the curve – allowing more visibility when entering and exiting the existing side streets. Restoration of landscaping allows the area to flow seamlessly with its surroundings.


Labour hours

5250 hours of labour from field staff

Safety Barrier

359 metres of safety barrier installed.