Breadalbane Avenue Reconstruction

Location: Havelock North
Client: Hastings District Council
Value: NZ $779,000
Completed: July 2020

About the Project

This contract was for the widening and reconstruction of Breadalbane Avenue, including watermain, wastewater and stormwater improvements to support the increased number of building lots allowed due to the recent change of land use. This urban road reconstruction included earthworks to widen the corridor and remove the existing pavement and subgrade to the required depths for 200 mm of base course to be laid prior to surfacing.

For Breadalbane risk management was the responsibility of Catherine Capio. One of the biggest challenges was management of the various service providers. If this wasn’t done well it would have created significant risk to the schedule, causing delays and cost implications. We worked closely with Chorus, Unison and Citycare to ensure that they were aware of our programme and that we understood their constraints.

Following the return from the COVID-19 lock-down, productivities had slowed due to the social distancing, and restrictions of work. This was managed with additional resource allocated to the project as the levels decreased to ensure the programme could be brought back on track, and subgrade excavations could be completed before the onset of winter.


complaints were received from public or residents during the duration of the project.


Russell Roads staff were involved in this project.