SH2 – Bayview to Airport Improvements

Location: Bayview, Napier
Client: Waka Kotahi
Value: NZ $2,972,000
Completed: December 2019

About the Project

This contract was for the construction of road widening, a passing lane and safety barrier installation on SH2, south of Bay View.

This project highlights Russell Roads ability to perform well with managed high traffic volumes while constructing pavements on the State Highway to a repeatable high standard.

Russell Roads blended the existing cut to waste material, which was predominately beach gravels with imported silts. Over 5,000 m³ of this material was tested as suitable for use as bulk fill, which would have otherwise been carted to a dumpsite and replaced with the scheduled imported fill.

Sediment control along the length of project, at every culvert outlet, and natural runoff points protected neighbouring wetlands. This was a highly sensitive and visible tidal coastal environment that required continuous monitoring and protection. The installation of swales acted as a cut off drains. As the project spanned winter, the site was exposed to several weather events during construction, with no environmental issues.


vehicles drove through the site during construction.


of safety barrier was Installed.