Princes St, Ellison Rd and Victoria St AWPT

Location: Hastings Central
Client: Hastings District Council
Value: NZ $1,120,000
Completed: November 2020

About the Project

This project reconstructed two urban blocks of Hastings, improving the street scape by lowering the high crown road pavement, the renewal of kerb and channel, vehicle crossing and footpaths. We created a safer residential street (9 m road width) that encourages speed reduction with an economic benefit resulting from long term maintenance reductions.

Works were undertaken in a staged and logical sequence to minimise disturbance to residents while protecting all underground services. Management during construction included significant liaison with service providers. We worked together to lower services found within the construction depths of the new pavement.

We also made the most of recycled material on site. The existing top layer pavement materials were excavated and reused in the bottom subbase layer or the new road.


houses that required consistent updates and liaising with throughout the project.


days of successful and safe operation during alert Level 3 with guidelines being adhered to and residents around our sites being kept safe.